Can-Am Chain Co. Ltd.

“We have had the pleasure in the last couple months to be associated with Chris Richardson from BNAC Environmental Solutions. They specialize in environmentally friendly products. One, which peaked our interest, is their Safety Solvent 1221. As like many companies, there has always been a concern for cleaning products that are not only environmentally safe but also perform well. We first tried their product in our general machine shop solvent parts wash tank. We have had great success, not only does this product clean as well as our former petroleum based solvents, but after skimming off the accumulated oil residues, the product shown to out last our previous solvent which has lowered our cleaning costs. I have since used this product in different applications. Pre-cleaning parts that we use in a welding application and have found their product to be much superior to our former product by reducing emissions from the process. In closing, I would not hesitate to recommend this product where cleaning performance, (personnel, environment and plant) safety issues are of concern.”

Maintenance & Machinist Supervisor
Surrey, BC