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It all started with a small team of committed team members who worked closely with BNAC to develop a methylene chloride replacement for Canadian Autoparts Toyota (CAPTIN), a Toyota manufacturing facility. With that success, CAPTIN became BNAC’s first client. That relationship has earned BNAC the coveted 3-star supplier award from CAPTIN the last two years the awards were issued.

By listening to clients’ requirements, understanding the applications, and using clients’ feedback, BNAC began developing powerfully effective OECD approved products. Some were sourced as a result of niche manufacturing applications and some developed at BNAC’s Delta, BC location.

Now, BNAC’s expanded range of products includes Panolin, the world leader in environmentally considerate lubricants. BNAC’s full product line offers leading edge performance options for mining, manufacturing, rail & marine, automotive, municipal, and commercial operations in North America. BNAC’s promise is to deliver the Triple Bottom Line – keeping People safe at work, in their part of the Planet, while extending the service life of equipment, lowering costs, and improving Profits for our clients.

BNAC is thriving to educate and provide leading edge technology to many of our most influential industry leaders. Our goal is to spend the word of Green products and tech, and help conserve the environment, one switch at a time.

Triple Bottom Line

The Triple Bottom Line concept speaks to “business goals being inseparable from societies and the environments within which we operate. While short-term economic gain is important, a failure to account for social and environmental impacts makes those business practices unsustainable”.

The triple bottom line approach for BNAC is:

1. Performance Excellence – Economic benefit to clients operations – full cost benefits
2. Socially Preferable – Healthy and safe products in the workplace and their use in society
3. Environment Friendly – Low energy footprint, GHG and low environmental impacts, air and water quality, and minimum waste.

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Inspiring Solutions

BNAC Environmental Solutions products are ECO-certifications are valid in Canada, Europe and the USA, and have passed the internationally respected OECD (Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development) testing requirements for Readily Biodegradable and Non-Toxicity to aquatic and land based species. BNAC products’ successful biodegradability and eco-toxicity results.

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Production 75%
Ecosystems Saved 97%
Customer Satisfaction 100%
Efficiency 99%
Projects Done 97%
Eco-Friendly and Strong

Don't sacrifice efficiency and strength by switching to Eco-Friendly products. BNAC's extensive line of industrial strength degreasers are not only safe, but gets the job done better than the conventional, toxic products.

Life of Machine Guarantee

Our leading edge line of Environmentally Conscious Lubricants (ECL/EAL), Panolin Hydraulic Fluids, is super long lasting. The Saturated esters do not expire like traditional veggie based oils, which guarantees, in some applications, for the Panolin Hydraulic Fluid to last the life of the machine.

Leading Edge Technology

Our G2F Filters and ACE Oil Retrieval units are cutting edge, NEW Technology. Be the first in your Industry to start the trend or join in with industry leaders in extending their oil life, and easily facilitate the act of reviving spilled oil from the waters surface.

15+ years of experience in the Industrial Sector

Let the experts at BNAC Environmental Solutions help you find the perfect match in strength, efficiency and safety.

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