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Rock Drilling Oil – Non-toxic, rapidly biodegradable

  • Environmentally considerate high-performance drilling lubricant based on rapidly biodegradable 
ester oils from regenerative natural resources
  • Superior lubricating properties, even under extreme conditions e.g. extreme cold temperatures
  • No deposits either in the lubricating system or externally
  • Ensures high operating reliability and safety
  • Outstandingly high performance
  • Effective environmental protection thanks to rapid biodegradability applications (follow manufacturer’s instructions)
  • Rock Drilling
Oil change instructions

There is no need to flush out the tank when changing over to PANOLIN ROCKDRILL 222. However, PANOLIN ROCKDRILL 222  only performs optimally when unmixed. It may loosen any deposits or gumming caused by former products in the lubricating system or externally.

Environmental Compatibility
PANOLIN ROCKDRILL 222 – is fully decomposed by soil or water micro-organisms, without affecting the environment and practically free of deposits. OECD 301 B: > 60 %

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