Triple Bottom Line

“Business goals being inseparable from societies and the environments within which we operate. While short-term economic gain is important, a failure to account for social and environmental impacts makes those business practices unsustainable”

Most Recently, BNAC and Panolin attended The Dredging Summit & Expo ’17 held at the Hyatt Recency in Vancouver BC. For more information, see our Blog.

Performance Excellence

Economic benefit to clients operations – full cost benefits

Environmentally Friendly

Low energy footprint, GHG and low environmental impacts, air and water quality, and minimum waste

Socially Preferable

Healthy and safe products in the workplace and their use in society


Hydraulic Oils

PANOLIN® Hydraulic Oil HLP Synth meets the specific needs of clients in the industries of heavy equipment – Read More…

Gear Oils

Locomotive Clean is BNAC’s powerful cleaning solution. Made from non ionic plant matter, this water-based cleaner – Read More…


Solvent Tank Replace ‘STR’ is breakthrough technology in Cleaning without the use of caustic solvent cleaners. STR has – Read More…


Made from amorphous siliceous powder, XSORB is EcoLogo certified and can be used on everything (except hydrofluoric – Read More…


BNAC offers superior cleaning products that utilize alternative chemistry for use on all surfaces and in environ… – Read More…



In the 2008 US Environmental Protection Agency Vessel General Permit (that regulates discharges from vessels – particularly – Read More…


Unsurpassed quality – Lubricants for water turbines, generators and hydraulic steel structures have to… Read More…


Environmentally considerate high-performance drilling lubricant based on rapidly biodegradable 
ester oils from regenerative – Read More…


Locomotive Clean is BNAC’s powerful cleaning solution. Made from nonionic plant matter, this water-based cleaner – Read More…


Municipalities work hard to achieve their rigorous green initiatives. BNAC can help municipalities support their commitment – Read More…

What others say about us

We are extremely impressed with the pre-treatment chemicals you have provided us with. I seldom have the urge to write and compliment people that make me spend money, but the service you have provided us with since day one certainly deserves praise

Doug TrenholmPowder Coatings Manager - Railcraft International Inc.WikiTravel

Beating inflation, cost avoidance, (Xsorb) a quality environmental management product and ease of use signify a victory

Robert VillalvaFedExMedia Wiki

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