Innovative - Ground Breaking Tech

For Environmentally Conscious Industries

Swiss made Hydraulic Fluids are taking over the Marine and Transport Sectors by providing
superior performance, extremely long lasting, and preserving sensitive surrounding eco-systems.

Readily Biodegradable - Solutions

Ideal products for Heavy Duty Industries

Effective industrial cleaning products thats surpass expectations,
while keeping applicators and the environment safe from harmful chemicals.

Oil Preserving Technology - Making oil extraction and purification accessible

Providing new, Canadian technological advancements

With a vast variety of specifications: Our personal Oil Extraction units remove expensive remediation costs
and Filtration units keep your machines lasting longer and removing ongoing, persistent contaminations.






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Ideal solutions for

Industry Leaders

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What We Offer

Our Products

Industrial Products

Non-Toxic and Carcinogen free heavy duty cleaners. Keeping applicators safe with our sacrificing functionality and strength.

Oil Extraction Technology

Ideal Technology for the Mining, Transport, Marine and Forestry Sectors. These strong, effective, and environmentally compliant oil retrieval units make oil retrieval from a variety of water surfaces simple, quick and easy.

Hydraulic Fluids

PANOLIN® Hydraulic Oil meets the specific needs of clients in the industries of heavy equipment, marine, mining and oil rigs, forestry, railway, agriculture, transportation and hydro power.

Oil Filtration Units

Systems that offer ultra-fine oil filtration for many different pressure applications and are designed to filter oil found in a wide range of applications including engines, hydraulics, transmissions, portable filter carts and water glycol.


EcoLogo certified & dust free granular absorbents, ideal for quick and easy spill absorption.

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BNAC Environmental Solutions is proud to parter with industry leaders to help them meet their Green Initiative needs by:

  • Providing strong and effective solutions.
  • Continuously searching for new innovations.
  • Standing by our products.
  • Helping find clients their perfect solution.
  • Unsurpassed customer service.
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