Industrial Products

Non-Toxic and Carcinogen free heavy duty cleaners. Keeping applicators safe with our sacrificing functionality and strength.

Oil Extraction Technology

Ideal Technology for the Mining, Transport, Marine and Forestry Sectors. These strong, effective, and environmentally compliant oil retrieval units make oil retrieval from a variety of water surfaces simple, quick and easy.

Hydraulic Fluids

PANOLINĀ® Hydraulic Oil meets the specific needs of clients in the industries of heavy equipment, marine, mining and oil rigs, forestry, railway, agriculture, transportation and hydro power.

Oil Filtration Units

Systems that offer ultra-fine oil filtration for many different pressure applications and are designed to filter oil found in a wide range of applications including engines, hydraulics, transmissions, portable filter carts and water glycol.


EcoLogo certified & dust free granular absorbents, ideal for quick and easy spill absorption.