Energy & Hydropower
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Energy & Hydropower

Energy & Hydropower

Biodegradable lubricants for hydropower installations
Unsurpassed quality – Lubricants for water turbines, generators and hydraulic steel structures have to meet various demanding requirements. They must function with the utmost reliability for decades, even under the most adverse circumstances. Our oils and greases have been tested and approved by leading manufacturers worldwide. They use our top grade lubricants as original works filling for their hydraulics systems, generators, water turbines, weirs, sluices, trash rake installations, etc.

Panolin Lubrication for Hydropower Installations
Our hydropower lubricants are used for everything from small trash rakes in little streams to big power plants and large weir installations.


Water turbine bearing oils for Pelton, Kaplan and Francis turbines generations.

PANOLIN TURWADA SYNTH – Biodegradable, fully synthetic lubricant specially developed for hydro-electric turbines.

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