Solvent Tank Replace ‘STR’ is breakthrough technology in Cleaning without the use of caustic solvent cleaners.

Product Applications

STR has been demonstrated to outperform caustic cleaning solvents by removing grease, oils, carbon soils. Municipalities have discovered how effective STR can be cleaning all matter off of oil and carbon covered parts, whether locomotive engines or automotive parts. Use STR at full strength or optionally dilute up to 50% for solvent tank application.

Performance Features & Benefits

  • Water based technology
  • No VOC’s
  • Super long lasting, STR works even months of use
  • Safe to flush to oil water separator systems for disposal
  • Oil float to surface skim off or absorb oil off with oil only absorb pads (available at BNAC) increasing useful life of solution
  • High soil loading capacity
  • No carcinogens or hidden toxins
  • No phosphates or acids
  • Non caustic
  • No chlorinates, butyl, or halogen
  • ECO responsible rust inhibitor package included
  • 3rd party certified Green
  • Readily Biodegradable