Consulting Services

BNAC’s technical services include the integration of BNAC’s premium products with client’s environmental and sustainability strategies and action plans. Our technical services feature life-cycle considerations for equipment performance, quantification of their environmental footprint and assuring healthy and safe workplaces – our triple bottom line approach: the integration of internationally recognized management systems with the sectoral best practices for leadership in corporate social responsibility.

BNAC Environmental Solutions offers technical services in:

  • Life-cycle Performance Assurance Training: through Preventive Maintenance support to gain maximum performance from BNAC products and supply chain and inventory controls based on ISO 9001 quality management systems.
  • Environmental Footprint Reduction: through environmental management systems based on ISO 14001 Environmental Management Systems for maximizing the environmental advantages gained from using BNAC environmentally considerate products – their readily biodegradable status, Ecologos, and waste management for continual performance improvement. GHG Emissions quantification using ISO 14064 specification protocol.
  • Zero Harm Healthy and Safety Programming: from management systems based on OHSAS 18001 health and safety management systems that seek healthy and safe workplace.
  • Sectoral Sustainability Best Practices: that align with voluntary sectoral initiatives:
    • Green Marine (IMO) and related regulatory requirements (US EPA VGP)
    • Towards Sustainable Mining (MAC)
    • Green Action Plan (FCM-Infrastructure)
    • Supply Chain Sustainability (Canadian Association of Railway Suppliers – Manufacturing and Transportation)
  • Laboratory Services: for sampling and laboratory analysis as part of preventive maintenance requirements for lubricant life-cycle lubricant, and equipment reliability assurance.
  • Lubricant Service Providers: selected to assure introduction of BNAC products are completed professionally, enabling certification for environmental protection.

The training you have provided our staff and I have helped Excell Railings get through the year. We have increased production by 40%. I’m confident in saying that BNAC was a big part in that growth. In closing I would like to personally thank you for the exceptional service. We could not have been success like we were without BNAC being part of the team.

Stephen ThorntonMaterials & QC Manager - Excell Railing Systems Ltd.