Environmentally Considerate

BNAC Environmental Solutions products are ECO-certifications are valid in Canada, Europe and the USA, and have passed the internationally respected OECD (Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development) testing requirements for Readily Biodegradable and Non-Toxicity to aquatic and land based species.

BNAC products’ successful biodegradability and eco-toxicity results:
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  • OECD 301 B Biodegradability 71 % – 78 % in 28 days
  • OECD 201 Algea Passed
OECD 202 Daphnia Passed
  • OECD 203 Fish Passed
  • OECD 207 Earth worms Passes
  • OECD 209 Active sludge Passed
  • OECD 401 Mammals Passed


BNAC’s PANOLIN® biodegradable synthetic lubricants meet the following international standards:

Germany Blue Angel acc. to RAL-UZ 79

Austria Ö-Norm C 2027
Czech Rep. Eco-label
UK EA standard
Holland VAMIL Regulation
Japan Eco Mark
Sweden Swedish Standard 15 54 34 (SP-list)
Europe EEL (European Eco-label)
Korea Eco-label

Member countries of the OECD: