CocoAbsorb Granular Absorbents

CocoAbsorb™ is a 100% Organic Spill Absorbent ideal for cleaning up all spills in residential, commercial, municipal and industrial applications. Made entirely of repurposed material once considered a waste byproduct of the coconut foods industry, CocoAbsorb™ is a natural and renewable resource that is safe to use and effective in absorbing all fluids in varying viscosities. CocoAbsorb’s™ superior and rapid absorption of fluids will turn any hazardous spill into a solid, more manageable substance immediately upon contact. This result is achieved through CocoAbsorb’s™ porous honeycomb structure providing greater surface area and surface tension. Also, because CocoAbsorb’s™ particulate structure can increase up to nine times its own mass, this allows for encapsulation and absorption of a greater volume of fluids with much less product than traditional clay based adsorbents. Saving both time and money!

XSORB Super Absorbent Powder

Made from amorphous siliceous powder, XSORB is EcoLogo certified and can be used on everything (except hydrofluoric acid), even tough spills such as hazardous chemicals, solvents, and paint.

Prevents contact with contaminated mops and rags, just sprinkle XSORB, mix and sweep the spill away.  No residue or mess.

Recycled FiberDuck Heavyweight Oil Absorbent Pads

Made from recycled drums, our advanced technology expands the fibers to give you more surface area for increased absorption speed and capacity. EcoLogo certified.

Spills and waste come in all shapes and sizes. You need a flexible product that lets you clean up fast without the worry of escaped waste. No matter how irregular the shape, our absorbent pads can take the abuse – crumple it into pipe fittings, wrap it around hoses, wipe down barrels – it conforms to the shape you need.

A cheap pad costs more in the long run because you have to use more pads to get the job done. Our pads consistently provide maximum performance so it takes fewer pads to clean up more, helping you reduce waste. Package of 100 Pads